It's been the week of the cold that wouldn't quit. I thought I was getting over it the end of last week, but it's still hanging on, mostly as what seems like a permanent low-grade sinus clog. (That's probably more than anyone wanted to know.)

Accordingly, I've kept a low profile. There were a couple church meetings in Norwood, and a couple on-line meetings around 2 different websites that are in development.

On Thursday we were scheduled to have college kids from church come for dinner. 5 had said they'd probably come, and 3 RSVPd that they were definitely coming. We got together all the fixings for tacos, but then none of them came. Zero.

So what to do with a ton of taco stuff? We told Silas to invite a few friends over on Friday. We figured after 4 or 5 teenagers got done with it, we'd have taken care of the problem. Meanwhile, we have fresh sermon material for the next time we have an opportunity to preach on Luke 14: 16-35.

The dog had her annual visit with the vet this week. We have a new vet now. The old one closed up shop over the summer. Just all of a sudden gone, and the medical records delivered to another practice down the road. "They all just showed up in a big U-Haul truck," they said when we caught up with them at the new vet's. Now that all the shots are up to date, next week we'll give the dog a bath.