Silas, age 3 on tricycle

We took this picture of Silas in April 2006. He was 3. This week, at 14, he "graduated" from 8th grade. Brooke got him a new sport coat and pants for the occasion. Now he looks all grown up:

Silas, on 8th grade graduation day

He finished school with his hightest grades ever and made the high honor roll. Friday night we celebrated with dinner out at Maxfield's. He got his favorite: lobster ravioli.

I spent a lot of the week programming a customized wish list for a client website. I learned a lot in doing it; I got some practice in with JavaScript -- something I need to do more of, but don't often get to do. Next week I'll be starting a new website build on a completely new project.

We have also been dog-sitting this week. Our friend, Deb, has been at the Presbyterians' General Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. She emailed on Thursday to tell us that they are being forced to take Salsa dance lessons during their break periods, someone's idea "to prove we are not the frozen chosen", and that she was ready to come home. On Friday night I hit the Assembly event's home page where they had a live stream of the proceedings, proving definitively that they are, indeed, frozen. Chosen remains an open question. She'll be back on Sunday. This is probably the last time we'll be taking care of her dog because in August she's moving to New Jersey.

We'll be looking for someone else to come over for dinner on nights when I make way too much for the 3 of us to eat. Pot roast nights, for example. You can email your applications.

People have been asking the kid what he's going to do this summer. His stock answer is "sleep in". The truth is we haven't enrolled him in any summer camps, and we don't have any big trips planned. But we will be going to my cousin's in Berlington, VT for the 4th of July. And he will be playing on the main stage of the Potsdam Summerfest in mid July with a few other people from the Musical Way Academy, where he takes his guitar lessons. In late July he's going to play again at a "Showcase" event in Canton (NY). And he has big plans to be recording a series of videos for his YouTube channel. So there are things in the works, even if they are at a relaxed, summer pace.

So far, though, since Thursday, he has also been sleeping in until close to noon. Nice work when you can get it.