Last week we finally got to pull out the grill. We've had a couple days in the 60s and nighttime temperatures mostly in the 40s and 50s. It's come with a lot of rain, but we'll take it. Now that it's May, we're finally getting some April weather!

We had our first thunderstorm of the year on Friday, which cancelled the season's first track meet. We haven't had any word yet about it's being rescheduled. I suspect it will be a washout. (Ba-dum-bump!)

The previous week, school break week, we spent a couple days downstate in Old Chatham, NY visiting our old friend, Regina. Her son, Andy, was home after having finished his last class for his college degree. It's been a long road for Andy, so it was a celebratory occasion.

Last weekend we finally had our meeting at the Norwood Church to "check in" about my temporarily filling in as Pastor there. The feeling was that things were going well, and we agreed to extend my time there through the end of 2018. It's actually 2 churches that are sharing a pastor and alternating, month by month, the building they worship in. One month at the Congregational Church building, then next at the Methodist Church building. They've been bumbling along that way for around 4 years now, and we talked about possibilities for moving forward as one church rather than 2. For now, they decided that, though they have a long way to go before any kind of merger or consolidation, they would start calling themselves together the Norwood United Church. It's a name that makes sense, they are United Church of Christ and United Methodist. They are uniting toward one entity: Norwood United Church.

This week I got a last-minute invitation to do the Invocation at the Clarkson University Bacchalaureate and Commencement ceremonies on May 12. I wasn't their first choice (they'd never heard of me and Norwood isn't on their radar here in Potsdam), but the Presbyterian pastor had a family emergency and had to bow out -- and dropped my name. So it will be my first community engagement as the representative of this new Norwood United Church.

Mine wasn't the only last-minute invitation this week. The Kid got word on Tuesday that he was elegible to test for his Blue belt in Taekwondo. That invitation also came more suddenly than we expected it. At this level, it's not just about doing the moves. They also require an oral exam that covers history of the art and some of it's major contributors. So we spent two days cramming for the exam, and on Thursday night, he passed with flying colors. (Ba-dum-bump!) The first session at his new rank begins next Tuesday. Two hours twice a week for the next 6 weeks. There may be another summer session as well, but the schedule hasn't been worked out that far in advance yet.

On Friday he got a new Spiderman suit. Last winter he worked out some kind of deal with a costume company that specializes in spiderman suits where he could get the suit for the cost of shipping in return for doing a product review of it on his YouTube channel. He'd done a review of one of their previous suits that we bought from them 3 years ago, and the video has had more than a million views. We took his measurements last winter and sent them in. Today when the suit arrived, he opened it and tried it on -- but it didn't fit. He couldn't get his head into the suit. (Well, he could, but the eye holes were stretched up onto the top of his forhead.) We re-measured him. It turns out he's grown 3 inches taller since last winter when he ordered it. Otherwise, it's a nice suit. He's going to ask one of his friends who's still a bit shorter to give it a try so he can still make the video review.

I guess we should have known to add a couple inches at least to the height to allow for this. We know from having to replace his jeans every 6 weeks that he's been growing fast. We just never realized exactly how fast.

Tempis fugit.