Summer finally arrived in the North Country this week, just in time for the first full week of school vacation. The kid celebrated by sleeping in most days until nearly noon.

I, on the other hand, tend to wake up with the sun, which rises between 5 and 5:30. If only it rose that early in the winter when we are required to be up for an obscenely early school start time, life would be so much easier. Instead, getting up early in mid-winter when sunrise isn't until 9 leaves me dog tired.

On these summer mornings I get up and look at the news feeds, start the coffee, walk the dog around the block and I'm ready to get to work at around 8. It's a way more relaxed pace. Comfortable.

Work is steady at the moment. Over the past couple weeks I've built a custom extension package for an e-commerce website and started building out a new site from scratch. There may be another website on deck after that. I've also been talking to a few WordPress related companies about taking on a more formal position as well, in addition to freelancing. Nothing solid there yet, but I'm keeping my options open.

In the coming week, the Kid and I will be travelling to Vermont for the 4th of July. My cousin has a big party every year, but we've never been to it. My parents and other relatives will be there, so we're going to take an overnight trip and see what it's all about. The big fireworks display in Potsdam (actually, it's in Hanawa Falls) is scheduled for next weekend, so we'll get to see fireworks twice this year.

Rather than heat the kitchen, I've been grilling most nights. We went in with some friends on a "share a cow" thing, so for in the neighborhood of a hundred bucks we've got a freezer full of steaks and hamburger. That, and Brooke has somehow landed us a "personal constultant" from the Omaha Steaks company, so we have Omaha steaks, chicken, pork, hot dogs and other fixings that are all grill-friendly. The farmer's market is in full swing on Saturdays, so I pick up mixed greens and other veggies to go with it. The farmer's market here has a "mushroom guy" -- Deep Root mushrooms. So I've been making mushroom risoto. We also have a sausage and bacon vendor, Pat and April's Pork. So we've had the best links for breakfast and sausage gravy on demand. It's been magnificent.

Summer is the best.