I had not planned on going to the Plattsburgh Comicon this year. Silas and I went last year and that was plenty of upstate NY Comicon for me. They are planning Comicons here in Potsdam, in Messina just down the road, and yet another in Canton, also not far, this fall. I figured a couple hours at one of those would be sufficient.

But early last week, 2 of the his old friends from Jay and Wilmington asked if we could meet them there. He rounded up 2 of his new friends from here, and yesterday we went.

The Kid sitting on the Stranger Things couch They had 2 main attractions yesterday. The first was one of the sets from Stranger Things: the alphabet wall. For $5 you can sit on the couch and take as many pictures as you like. Which we did.

The second attraction was a video game tournament. Four out of the five of the friends are way into the game they were competing in, so four out of five of them entered. The tournament started at 11. At 2:30 it was finally over. None of them did particularly well. This was, after all, a cometition where they were up against every nerd in upstate NY who plays the game to the point of not bathing for days. It was double-elimination brackets, and the kid lost both times he was up. One of his friends, however, 2 out of 4 times he was up.

The upshot was that I and the one friend who wasn't participating in the tournament sat around watching other people play video games for 3 and a half hours. Something I could have done from the comfort of my own living room, had I wanted to -- these same friends play over the internet all the time.

After it was over and it became apparent that they were going to continue to play their game, the 4 of them I called it: "We're leaving at 3. Make sure you see everything else you want to see." They didn't want to see anything else.

When we got back, I made myself a stiff drink and went to bed early. The kid reported to his mother that it was probably the best day of his life, to date. Go figure. I'm glad for him.

But I'm not planning on going to the Plattsburgh Comicon next year.