The slow pace of the new year continued into a second week.

I did a little web work for a client early in the week, and a little pastor work toward the end of the week. Other than that, not much.

In the downtime, I've started thinking of projects I wouldn't otherwise be thinking about. Things like rearranging the furnature in my office. Last year during slow periods, I'd find things to do to convince myself I was busy. This year I haven't got the energy to pretend anymore.

We had our first major snow of the year this week. When I went out to shovel, our snowshovel that I'd left handy on our front porch was missing. I guess a college student must have needed one. So I got myself a new shovel. I'm keeping it inside now between snowstorms.

Silas is running indoor track this winter. Meets are oun Friday nights at the St. Lawrence University field house. He's running intermediate distance (300 and 600 meters), and filling in as an alternate on the 4x200 relay. He finished 3rd in each of his individual events last night, and was the starter for the 4x200 team. The relay team won the heat by nearly a full lap, but there were other heats, so we're not sure how they placed overall.