My picture was in the paper this week. Since the beginning of the year, I've been getting out more.

When I'm not out more, I've been reading more. This week I read Orwell's 1984. It's been on my list for more than a year, but it's never on the shelf at the library. Somehow or another I got to pick a few free books on the Kindle app and 1984 was one of the options. So I even got to read it for free. The irony is having read it on the Kindle, so Amazon knows what I've been reading. Orwell predicted Big Brother. What we got instead is Big Data.

I'm not worried about Amazon having a record of what I read. For a few years I've occasionally posted what I've been reading on various blogs. Since the new year I've been more intentional about keeping track of what I read. Anyone can see the list. It's my own little rebellion against Big Brother. If anyone really cares enough to look through all that and then come looking for me, bring it.

When we left Glens Falls in 2011, I left most of my books on the shelf in my office. Most of those books were theology, and for the mostpart I haven't missed them at all. For a while, I resisted the temptation to start accumulating them again. But since arriving in Potsdam, I've managed to accumulate four or five shelves of books. Half of a shelf is what's left from my former library of pastor related stuff. Another half of a shelf has to do with code. There is also half of a shelf of cookbooks. (I never really thought of myself as a cookbook collector before now.) But the rest is a more eclectic mish-mash of stuff that's caught my attention over the last couple years. Apparently in my middle age (I guess that's what this is) I've gone back to the kind of reading I remember having done in my teenage years, reading much more widely on wherever interest leads rather than remaining confined within a particular job-related silo.

Today, I'm expecting another book to arrive in the mail. Poor Charlie's Almanac. It's by an investment banker, Charlie Munger, who I've heard, is a really big deal. He's Warren Buffet's partner at Birkshire Hathaway. The book has been mentioned on several occasions in the last couple months in other things I've been reading. Who knows, maybe when I get done with that I'll give investment banking a try next week.