We had our first real cold snap of the winter this week. Tuesday night temperatures fell to around 0°F. Wednesday and Thursday the highest I saw the bank thermometer across the street go was 14°. Then on Friday, we got what felt like a heat wave with temperatures back into the low 20s.

The cold caused the tire pressure indicators to come on in both cars. One tire on Brooke's car that I think had probably been on the low side to start with actually did lose most of it's pressure. By the time I got over to the gas station with it to put air in, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) had gone into full-blown panic.

On the first attempt to get air in the tires, the pressure guage built into the air hose was frozen, so it was just a wild guess. I stopped by the car parts place and got a real pressure guage. So I know that the pressure is spot-on, but the TPMS has yet to recover. Google says that you need a special tool from Honda to reset it. So much for that.

I had my first sessions of physical therapy this week. I've been pleasantly surprized that it's not going to involve extraordinary amounts of time at the gym. I have a few exercises to do twice a day. I'm also spending time in traction, which mostly involves lying down for a half hour. So I'm good with that. And, after my second session I spent the first 12 hours since 2 years ago without any back pain. I've also been advised to avoid sitting for long periods without getting up and moving around.

I do a lot of sitting. I've heard they (whoever they are) say that "sitting is the new smoking". If that's true, I'm a 10-pack-a-day smoker. I've set a timer on my computer that triggers a 5 minute blank screen every 25 minutes. Every 4th break is 15 minutes.

I've also ordered a new "ergonomically correct" chair. The day after I ordered it we ran into some friends, parents of one of the Kid's friends, at the school band concert. She, as it turns out, is an Alexander Technique teacher. We had no idea what that was, but her immediate reaction to hearing that I'd ordered a new chair was, "Oh, no! Send it back!" I asked what she recommended I sit on instead. She recommended a wobble chair. I had never heard of that either, so I googled it. Here you go.

I haven't canceled the order on the normal chair. But if someone wants to send me a wobble chair for Christmas, I'd try it out.