We missed the super blue eclypse on Wednesday night. I wanted to see it, but somehow got the days of the week mixed up and thought it was Thursday night. People started posting pictures of it on Thursday morning. Oh well.

Last Saturday afternoon, though, we went to the Colton church where they were having a chili and corn bread lunch to celebrate Colton's Winterfest. Along with the chili they had a "white elephant" sale -- 5 or 6 tables of old junk you could pick through and leave a donation for it on your way out. I found an old gyroscope! I hadn't seen one of them in years. I had one when I was a kid. It was missing the string, so I ordered new ones from Amazon. (It turns out they still make these things!)

We also found an electric fondu pot, and the kid found a fancy crystal champaign flute he thought would be cool to have, in a kind of Game of Thrones way -- though he's never seen Game of Thrones to my knowledge. And a coffee mug for Brooke. So these are our consolation prizes for having missed the big moon.

On Friday, Brooke went with our friend, Deb (the Presbyterian pastor), to Syracuse. They do this every few months as a kind of pilgrimage, to Wegman's. Wegman's -- and the one in Syracuse, in particular -- for folks in other parts of the country, is the grocery store they will have in heaven. Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, all those other fancy-pants grocery stores you may have heard of -- they all pale in comparison to the Syracuse Wegman's. When Brooke and I were dating, we'd go to Wegmans. We danced in the aisles there. (No, really, we did.)

She brought back things we cannot get here in the North Country. Real sushi. Baba ghanouj. Guacamole with big avocado chunks in it. Beer with pictures of cavemen on the label. This, too, made missing the big moon earlier less disappointing.

Today we are going back to the Colton church for lasagna dinner. Each of the church families was invited to decorate a table for the occasion. Brooke is decorating a table with a Star Wars theme. It's bound to be good, and there are a few tickets still available. Dinner starts at 5.