The last 2 weeks of May had something either going on or about to. Track season came to an end. My parents came in from Ohio for the last meet of the season. We had a good visit. It was the first time my father had ever been to a track meet. Ever. So, that's why I can't remember him being at any track meets when I was in 8th grade. I'm sure my mother must have come to a few, but my recollection of it is not clear. We took pictures this time. So there will be photographic evidence of their being at Silas's meet, if anyone ever will have the time and patience to sift through the thousands of digital pictures to find it.

Brooke was away to the Festival of Homeletics in Washington, D.C. that whole week that my parents were in town. She had signed up for that back in January. So arrangements for the parental visit were all on me. I neglected to get the olives, cheese and crackers. I managed to get some beer into the fridge to chill, but not much else. Nor did I manage to plan any excursions or entertainment, other than the track meet itself. I did get the house vacuum cleaned in time. And I got the teenager's laundry off the floor. I'll take my wins where I can get them! But having arrangements for guests is something Brooke is much better at than I am.

The next day after the track meet we had the 8th grade spring band concert. The band did fine. But the concert was interrupted when someone's grandmother had an episode of some kind. Someone called 911. She picked a good place to have an episode. Several band parents are doctors. She had 4 attending physicians while she waited for the ambulance.

The day after the parents' visit I drove to Albany (4 hours one way) to get Brooke at the airport. We came back by way of Saranac Lake and had dinner at one of our old favorites, the Downhill Grill.

This week, Brooke has been away again at the United Methodist Annual Conference, the yearly 4-day-long command performance for the Bishop. For 3 out of the 4 days, we've been dog-sitting. While she's been away, I've been dividing my time between a number of website projects. A couple of my website clients are getting close to launching new sites. Digital Canvas has had some projects come up for revisions of old sites and possible new projects. And a software project I contibute to on a regular basis (a WordPress theme framework called Beans) is finalizing a new release.

Last night, I went to calling hours for a woman who died earlier this week who had been a member of the Norwood church. When I got back, it was too late to cook, so I took the kid out for dinner. I can't remember being so glad for a quiet ending in a long time. We had talked about watching the first episode of the new seasion of The Flash that dropped on Netflix earlier this week, but then he got an invitation to play a game online with his old friends from Jay and Keene. So I filled in a sudoku and went to bed early.