This week has been as variable as the weather: hot one day, cold the next.

First, I got to be a domain broker for a week.

I also got to wear my Cross Country parent hat on Tuesday. The kid ran a good race. Not quite enough to beat his personal best, but came close, and it was a hard course.

Silas finishes cross country race in Gouverneur

Also on Tuesday, I launched a new website. The design is another from Kelly's team at (Digital Canvas). It's for a Stark County, OH non-profit that recently took over a lot of county services for people with disabilities: TWi. There will be more to add to it in coming months, but getting a new site off the ground is always kind of exciting.

So those were the hot spots. The rest was pretty chillaxed. I got some reading done. I went for a few walks. I visited some church people in their nursing home on Wednesday, and had a meeting with my church secretaries to talk about membership rosters.

Saturday morning, the Potsdam church ladies are having a pancake breakfast fundraiser. I'm hoping they'll have sausage links, too.