I was up at 5 on Sunday morning, making a breakfast casserole for the church next door to serve at their Easter breakfast. A breakfast which, after the last time I ate there, I didn't attend.

This morning, I'll be at the St. Lawrence County Hospice's annual meeting and breakfast. It's at the Presbyterian church, and it's catered. I've been on the Hospice board of directors for a year now. My first term was 1 year, filling in for someone who had to quit. It's been a good year, so I'm staying on for another full 3-year term. I got involved with Hospice a few years ago when they contacted me about building them a new website. In doing that, I got to know a few of the staff. A year after it was done, Ruth Fishbeck, the Executive Director, called to ask if I would consider being on the board. So I did.

I'll also be spending a lot of the day at the garage having the snow tires swapped out. I've scheduled both cars for the same day to get it all out of the way at once. New York requires that snow tires be removed by April 15. It feels like a foolish thing to be doing, though. Last weekend it snowed on Easter, and it's snowed 2 times since then. Yesterday we got a fresh coat of snow and the roads were icy in places. Last year it was still freezing off-and-on into mid May. Then again, the year before that we had a couple 80 degree days in May. So you never know.

Despite the snow, this past week was also the first week of practice for the school track team. The Kid has decided with a couple of his friends to run track this year. It's the first time he's done school sports. On Monday he came home sore from the workout. We gave him a Tylenol when he got home, another before bed, and a third in the morning. Tuesday he got by with one before bed and another in the morning. Wednesday, just one before bed. By the end of the week, he seemed to be completely adjusted. Must be nice. He says he's one of the fastest on the team for sprints. I guess we'll find out when we start going to track meets in another couple weeks.

Brooke was talking with her hair stylist about going to track meets. The stylist has a couple kids who have been through high school and ran track. "Yeah, you've got to go," she said, "but they are just so boring."

The one time I participated in a school sport, it was 8th grade track. I remember being sore for more than a week into it. The first day I got home from practice I could hardly walk. Even then, when I was at track meets as a participant, they were boring. It's a lot of waiting around doing nothing. Then you have a 3 minute event. Then you wait around some more.

Then again, waiting around is what you make it. I expect I'll get a lot of reading in this spring with all that time blocked off for track meets.