It's Holy Week, for those of us in church land. It starts with Palm Sunday, then it's quiet for a few days. Thursday and Friday both involve special church services. Sunday is Easter. And April Fool's day: the weather report is calling for light snow, so the joke's on us.

On Monday, I changed the church sign for the occasion. The sign has changeable letters on both sides, so people can see the message from both directions. It took 2 tries. On the first attempt I switched two letters on one side so it read "EATSER WORSHIP". One of the church ladies pointed it out to Brooke. I got it right on the second try.

Mine wasn't the only type-O for the week. The church secretary sent in an ad for the local weekly paper with the special service times. When the paper came on Tuesday morning the ad said in bold print that we'd be having "Maudy Thursday" service. (The correct spelling is Maundy.)

Between church happenings, I managed to launch a new website this week. It's a site that has been some 2 years in the making. We thought we had deployed it last November, but because of personnel changes on the client's end, some critical people never did get notified of it, so we had to redo some things. That happened on Monday.

I have 2 other websites in the works. Both of them are ready to launch, but I'm waiting on clients to get their content together. I've been waiting on one of them to get their content together for 4 months and counting, the other for 1 month.

The hardest part about websites is the content. The technology end of every website project I've ever worked on has been the easiest part. Sure, sometimes getting some specially customized thing or another to work correctly poses a little challenge. But writing up the actual stuff that goes on a website is the harder part. And it's the part that clients always get stuck on.

For me, as I've been doing things, that means that I end up waiting around for months for the site to launch, and waiting for the final payment "due on site launch". It's a flaw in my business plan that the past couple weeks has got me rethinking. And my thinking at this stage is that for new projects I'm going to contract on a retainer basis so that I can have a more reliable monthly income. And having to pay me monthly whether their content is ready to "go live" or not might light some fire under new clients, too.

On Thursday evening, Brooke and I both had a Maundy (or Maudy, if you like) Thursday services to lead. Brooke here in Potsdam, and I was at the Norwood church, where I have been filling in on Sundays this winter and into spring. Good Friday services were at Brooke's second church in Colton.

There was no school on Thursday or Friday. It's not a full "spring break", which for us will come for a week in late April. But Thursday afternoon, the kid got an invitation to spend the weekend in Jay with his old friends from when we lived there. So he's gone until Sunday evening. Brooke and I will be having Easter brunch after the dust settles with a few nearby Presbyterians.

Then, perhaps next week things will return to "normal".