Folks have been calling this week to ask about how cold it is. Well, it's cold. We started the New Year with sub-zero (°F) temps, and got up into the mid 20s mid week. This weekend we're back to sub-zero. As highs.

Whoever designed our kitchen put the dishwasher on an exterior wall with no insullation. In this kind of cold, we discovered that to get it started I needed to remove the front kick-panel and us a hair dryer to blow on the pipes for 10 minutes whenever it's time to run it. We've started referring affectionately to the hair dryer as "the jumper cables".

Friday was also a snow day for the kid. It wasn't a lot of snow, but since it came in the early morning hours, plows couldn't get it cleared in time.

With the new year also comes a new job. I'm (for lack of a better term) the Pastor pro tempore of a couple churches in the neighboring village of Norwood. I'll be doing that starting this week through May. Depending on how things work out, it could be longer. Or shorter. One of the churches is Methodist, the other is Congregational. Between the 2 of them, they've been sharing a Pastor for the past few years. They don't have the funds for a permenant pastor. Mosthly, the job is for Sunday mornings and the occasional hospital visit or funeral. When I asked them the likelihood of there being a wedding, they couldn't remember when the last wedding in either church had been. It's an odd arrangement. And it's some spending money.