Today looks like it might finally be the first sign of spring here in the north country. It's also my mother's birthday. So, as one of the only readers -- and actually one of the intended readers -- of this blog: Happy Birthday, Mom!

It's been a week of electronics glitches here.

On Monday one of the cars had an electrical glitch -- which seems a few days later to have cleared itself up. But it got us thinking that it may be time to start looking for a new -- or at least new-to-us car.

Also on Monday, my computer started having a glitch that locked it up every time I tried to disconnect any of my external hard drives. It turned out to be a combination of glitches. One of the hard drives had a bug in its index files. I was using it for a backup drive, and I have another backup "in the cloud", so it wasn't critical. (Ironic, maybe that the backup meant for when your main storage goes bad was itself toast.) Miraculously, reformatting the drive cleared the problem -- but also wiped out the backup. So I'm left with an empty hard drive that I'm not sure I want to use for anything too critical.

Even with the glitched hard drive disconnected, there is a second hard drive that was still causing trouble. I finally (I think) traced the issue with a Dropbox app that tries to keep that drive in sync with an online repository of files I use for work. That app had been updated last week.

Also, on Monday, Brooke's computer (probably 10 years old, but still up to now in fine working condition) had a glitch that required restarting.

The cable box developed a glitch this week where when you turn on the TV, you get sound, but instead of a picture comes a "Please Wait" screen. No matter how long you wait, you don't get a picture. The only way we've found to get picture is to unplug the cable box and then plug it in again and let it reset. Which works until the next time you turn it off and on again. (Again, ironic: most of the time the recommendation for clearing an electrinics glitch is turing it off and on again.) Our solution so far is to leave the cable box always on.

The kid had several electronics glitches this week, too. He has a new phone again. We got it so he can be in touch with us now that he's "out on the town" with friends more often. (We've had a couple episodes where he's been "over at a friend's", and we've called the friend's home and nobody's been there. So far, there's always been a credible explanation, but it would have been better to have had it at the time we called rather than a couple hours later.)

So there were a couple glitches with the new phone. There was a glitch with a video game console. And a glitch with his computer. None of these were mission critical. But in a week already filled with glitches, we were beginning to wonder if we have electronic gremlins in the house.

I wouldn't doubt that we had some kind of electrical surge last weekend that buggered all the stuff. If it had been a spike, it would have tripped the surge protectors, but a gradual increase to 220V and back down over an hour or so could have buggered a few things. It's an old house. The wiring is nearly all knob-and-tube with no grounding.

That would explain everything, except the car.