It's been a weather rollercoaster this week. Starting off on Sunday with temperatures at 20 below (°F), climbing to 58° on Thursday, and Friday night dropping back to single digits. The snow that had accumulated to between a foot and 2 feet, depending on where you were standing, had nearly all melted down to bare grass, and overnight has been replaced to nearly 6 inches with no signs of slowing down now on Saturday morning.

Still, digging out from a few inches of snow is not as bad as digging out from a few feet of mud and rock.

On Thursday evening we went to the middle school for a presentation about "what we need to know about making the transition to high school". We got a file folder of pages outlining all the requirements for graduation -- which isn't graduation any more, it's 3 different possible high school diplomas and 1 certificate ("which is not a diploma").

The guidance counselors spent a lot of time assuring us that "there are a lot of ways you can fullfill these requirements", and "we'll work with everyone so every child has an individual plan" as they worked their way through how everyone has to it all their way. In short, it triggered all my bad attitude and resentment toward high school and guidance counselors.

For Brooke, it was less about bad attitude and more of a question of "How are we going to get through all this?" She came home with visions of lots of time enrolled in summer school.

We have a 15 minute meeting with the guidance counselor scheduled for later this month to be told what our "individualized plan" will be. When I became a dad 14 years ago I really wasn't thinking about having to deal with these people again. If you're thinking of becoming a dad (or mom), you might want to consider whether you're prepared for this.

As for the kid, since it was "optional" for the kids themselves to attend, he stayed home. It was, probably, the smart thing to have done.


The flowers started wilting a week into January, and this week the last of them went by. Brooke has been pinching them off one by one as they've gone. But this week a new stalk has started to emerge, so apparently the show is not yet over!

New Stalk on the Amaryllis