Birthday Party

The kid turned 15 on Friday. He's been looking forward to this for 2 months. I'm not sure exactly why 15 is so big for him. He's mentioned several times recently, "Just one more year until I can start driving."

It was also the last day of school before the winter break, so all his friends were still in town to celebrate. We had 6 of his best friends over for a party. They had a video game tournament and went to see the Aquaman movie, just out today at the theater down the street.

They're big enough now that the party went later than what we're used to staying up. And they eat a lot of pizza. Also, note to self for future: root beer is twice as popular as ginger ale.

Two of his closest friends stayed overnight. They were up again by 7:30 and needing breakfast, so the dad was on duty again early for breakfast. Bacon and eggs and leftover pizza. I asked them what they had planned for today. They all shrugged in unison.

He has good friends, which we're greatly thankful for. All of them are well-mannered (at least around us). One of them even washes his hands before dinner without being reminded to do so!