Silas, left, finishing the 100m dash We're nearing the end of the track season already. Grandma and Grandpa are coming up this week to see the last of them this Wednesday.

The kid came in 2nd in the 100m dash a week ago, Friday. Monday he came in 4th. This past Friday the coach switched him into the 200m. He's been the anchor for the 4x200m relay all season, where he made up for lost time in several races to bring the team into 2nd place finishes. I think she wanted him to have his own 200m time on the record books for next year in case he gets to the varsity team.

The kid has also started his new session of Taikwondo as a blue belt. The "summer" sessions are two hours, twice a week. On those days he gets home from track practice at 4:30, and we have a 1 hour window to get dinner and whatever else needs done before leaving again for the evening. Between those 2 things, a daytime gig programming, and a weekend gig with the Norwood church, the last couple weeks have flown by.

Last Saturday I spent all day on the Clarkson campus for graduation ceremonies. I gave the invocation at the Bacchalauriate and the Commencement. As it turned out, I knew 2 of the graduates. Both from my time at 1st Baptist Church in Glens Falls. They were both 11 years old when I last saw them. I wouldn't have recognized them if it hadn't been for parents and grandparents pointing them out. It was good to see. I also got some news about other folks we used to know there. A couple of people have died. But a couple others that we though might have died are still living and doing alright.