It's been one of those weeks that seems like there's been a lot of activity but not much got done.

The kid posted a 7-minute mile at track practice on Monday. On Tuesday, during sprint practice, it was confirmed that the Kid is the fastest sprinter on the team. Granted, it's not a very large team, but he was pleased to feel like there is finally something he is the best at.

We had a parent meeting with the track coach on Friday. We were told that if he wears underarmor for a meet, depending on the referee, he may be asked to take it off. I'm not sure what underarmor is. When I ran track in 8th grade, there was no such thing as underarmor. I'm pretty sure, then, that our kid will not be cited for wearing it.

This week there's been a flurry of activity on various website projects. Some of them have been in the works for a long time. Others are just getting going -- reworking sites that were originally done a long while ago.

It got me thinking about how that business typically works. So I wrote down some thoughts. I won't repeat it all here.

Today, I'm presiding at a funeral for the first time in a very long time. I've been doing a very part-time gig at a church in the neighboring village of Norwood since January. Weather is perfect for a funeral -- a winter storm warning in effect through the weekend. It's all appropriately depressing. The fellow who died was an interesting character. He travelled all over the world before having had a couple strokes 4 years ago, then a heart attack last summer. He was still active as much as he could be in spite of his health. He sang in the choir the Sunday before he died. They say he had another massive stroke as he was getting out of bed. His sister, a retired missionary who bushwacked her way into remote villages of Papua New Guinea, flew up from Florida earlier this week. She has a few stories, too.