I launched a new website this week. Sandstone Family Dentistry went live on Tuesday. The Potsdam Chamber of Commerce had also tentatively scheduled the launch of their new site last week, but the launch was contingent on having an intern who could continue to update it. The plans for the intern fell through, so the launch for that site is again delayed for at least another couple weeks.

Another project I've been working on (with a small team of others) over the past few months is nearing completion: The Beans Theme Framework for WordPress is getting close to a new release. I've written software tests for 3 major components, found and fixed a half dozen bugs, and refactored another dozen things to improve processing speed.

It looks like there may be a few more projects that could take off later this month: 2 new websites, a new plugin to add a custom "wish list" to a site I built a few years ago, and maybe a chance to work with a small team of developers on a fairly well-known WordPress plugin project.

On the home front, now that track season is over we're concentrating on the end of the school year. The Kid's mid-term progress report came in the mail on Monday and his grades so far this term are the highest they've been. Ever. 6 out of 8 classes in the 90s, on track to make the high honor roll for the quarter.

Also on Monday, we got a letter from the school principal regarding "graduation", which they've scheduled for the last day of school, June 21. It seems that this is now another necessity for passing on to the 9th grade. I'm not sure why up here where summer is so short, they insist on burning 4 out of our 9 weeks of summer weather this way. My grandfather is probably rolling over in his grave. (He often expressed his opinion that it was criminal to have school go past Memorial Day, or start before Labor Day.) They end up inventing a lot of requirements for the last week of June to keep people from ditching early. But it is what it is.

When I was in high school, somewhere I found and bought a little Book of Insults. It was just a little Bartlett's Quotations of insulting one liners from famous people. I confess I had a bad attitude about school, even though I was pretty good at it. Teachers, I could respect. But I never had much use for school administrators. One of the lines in that book, credited to Mark Twain, is still with me:

"God made idiots first. That was for practice. Then he made school boards."

We have a group of home-schoolers that meets in the church for some of their classes. This evening, they're having their Senior Prom in the church basement. Brooke has been asked to chaperone. It's not that they don't have lots of parents already watching them like hawks -- they're home-schoolers! But apparently, the mothers are not welcome to be in the same room when there's "dancing".