That's the word of the week.

On Tuesday the movers came to take our friend Deb, the Presbyterian, to New Jersey. They arrived late. Apparently, they left some furnature and clothing at her house here. Maybe someday they'll deliver it.

Also, on Tuesday, we decided it was time to get Brooke a new car. We'd been on the fence about it for a while. We looked at some cars online. We decided a Toyota Yaris iA would be about right. I went to the Toyota dealer down the street. The website said it was $15,000 and change. Turns out, that's if you can find one with a standard transmission. Automatic is $17,900 -- sticker.

Also, the Toyota guy, Shawn, wasn't interested in anything for a trade. "It's worth, maybe, $100 to me," he said. I'll spot you $350.

So when I got home, we blue-booked the old car and put it out front with a $2,500 For Sale sign in the window. By sundown we had 3 people call about it, and one person took it for a test-drive. The next morning we had 2 more calls, and a second test-drive. It sold within 24 hours.

With the extra cash in hand, I went back on Wednesday and bought the Yaris. We picked it up Thursday afternoon. Later on Thursday afternoon, the fellow who bought our old car came and took it away. All's well that ends well. But it's a lot of coming and going for one week.

Tuesday night was "Bible Fun Night" at the Potsdam church. It's their summer program in lieu of Vacation Bible School. One night. A bunch of kids. They put me in charge of the "Bible Science" station. ("Bible Science" isn't really a thing, but lots of Christian education materials want to pretend it is.) It was a hot day, and the theme was, loosely, about water. When I got the curruculum, it was a couple lame activities involving things like putting food coloring in water and observing that, yes, it changes color when you put food coloring in it. So I ditched the scripted lesson and set up on the front lawn instead of the Church basement. We did games involving water where the kids could get a little bit wet, but not drenched. And then I launched a water rocket at the end of each group's session. Silas helped out. It was all good. They had fun. Maybe they learned something.

On Wednesday, I picked up a new website client. The Methodist Church in Malone is just getting started. I filled in at that church a couple years ago for a time after their Pastor had to leave suddenly. He had been caught in some misbehavior that resulted in his losing his credentials. They've come a long way since. It will be a good, and fairly easy, project.

By Friday morning, we were ready to have a "normal" day. So we cleaned out the cat box.