Last weekend, with Summerfest in full swing, I missed posting.

Here, a week late, is the video of the kid on the Summerfest main stage with his guitar teacher, Mark Lyon, on vocals, doing Blitzkrieg Bop.

Two weeks later, this weekend is Colton Days. Brooke was at the Colton church on Thursday scooping ice cream while the Sweet Adelines sang the opener for that occasion on the church lawn. Saturday morning, we'll all go back for the church pancake breakfast.

This week the kid has his dress rehearsal for his music school's "Showcase Performance", that happens at the end of the month.

That same week while I was out walking the dog, my glasses slipped off and went skittering across the sidewalk. It was one of those awful moments when everything all of a sudden goes wrong. Trying to pick them up sends them skittering away again. By the time I got them off the ground both lenses were full of tiny scratches all across my field of vision. Our eye doctor is in Lake Placid.

The good news when I called, was that they were still under warrantee, so replacement was free. The bad news was going to be 8-10 days without my glasses.

We consider the excuse to go to Lake Placid twice an unexpected bonus. It's an hour and a half both ways, but we get to eat at the Simply Gourmet, which we all call "The 46 Sandwiches", because all their sandwiches are named for the 46 Adirondack high peaks. They make their own bread, and we've never been disappointed. (Get the Gothics on carmelized onion bread when you go -- Roast beef and blue cheese.)

I digress. I took my glasses in on Friday after the Summerfest performance, and have been making do with my old glasses with my previous prescription all week. Everything is slightly out of focus, especially my close-up vision. It's easier now to take the old glasses off and hold pill bottles, or what have you, 3 inches from my face to read that kind of thing. I'm looking forward to next week and having my "real" glasses back.

Our friend, Deb (the Presbyterian pastor), is moving at the beginning of next month. Brooke went over to her apartment sometime last week and helped her with packing. She packed up most of the kitechen, so now, unable to make dinner at home, Deb is over for dinner most nights. We eat, and they (Deb and Brooke) go back over to pack in the evenings. For the past week, we've happened to have mostly Mexican themed dinner: quesadillas, white chicken chili, enchiladas. Thursday night, Deb asked if she just brought a big farmer's market tomato on Friday, could we have hamburgers? We did.