The kid lost his video camera last weekend. It might be around the house somewhere.

A couple years ago, when we first moved here, we got him a $5 track phone. We figured that in this new place he'd have new friends and that since it was a "town" and he was getting a little older, he might be out somewhere and need to call home. The phone went missing after about 6 weeks. We allowed the service to run out. Then, a year later, as he was about to go off to school he found it in a side pocket of his backpack.

The video camera is about the same size as a cell phone. I picked it up a few years ago when we were still living in Ballston Spa (so, that would have been 2010), thinking at the time that I'd try video blogging. I never did, and when he started wanting to make videos it was a natural hand-off.

He's been using it to make videos for a couple years now. He and his friends block out scenes for superhero fan films. He does costume and toy reviews. And he posts them on YouTube where he has several thousand subscribers. The videos have started generating a little spending money for him. So the camera has gone from sitting idly in my desk drawer to an income-generating asset.

Last weekend he was out with his friends recording video for another project. On Monday afternoon he sat down to do some video editing and realized he didn't have the camera. He looked everywhere. He even went back down to the park to look around for it in the area where they'd been recording to see if he could find it.

It could easily be in a pocket somewhere, or have fallen into a crack between the counter and the stove. It might turn up. The cell phone did. But after looking everywhere we could think to look (and in this case, the kid was a motivated looker -- it's his key to spending money) it hasn't turned up.

So I ordered him a new camera for his birthday. It turns that out video cameras have gotten more powerful since 2010. So it's a better camera than the one he had at half of what I paid for the old one. It's bigger than the old one so it's not going to fit in his pocket and accidentally slide out. It came on Friday. I gave it to him a couple weeks early. We've told him that he should save enough of his spending money so that if he loses this one, he can buy his own replacement next time.

This weekend he'll be out making video again. You can see what he comes up with on his YouTube channel.