This week was "Winter Break Week". School was out. It was also the first full week of Lent, which for pastors means additional mid-week church happenings. So, while several of the kid's friends were off on week-long vacations -- warmer places like the Dominican Republic -- we remained close to home.

On Monday, the one day when neither Brooke or I had to be in town, we took a day trip to Syracuse. We left mid morning and got into town in time for lunch at the Dinosaur Barbeque. Then Wegman's. And for the afternoon we caught the 3:15 showing of The Black Panther on the IMAX screen.

Black Panther was everything all the great reviews have said it was -- epic. Probably the best super hero movie since the 1978 Christopher Reeve Superman.

In all, we had a great day, and the glow has lasted all week. And it was way cheaper than the Dominican Republic.

Also this week, the last of the paperwork we've been waiting on for filing income tax came. I ground out all the forms by hand (because I'm too stingy to pay for H&R Block's software) and was surprised to find that for the first time since college, we get a small Federal refund. (It'll all get spent on what we'll have to pay to New York, but hey, I'll take it!) So, that became the other happy book-end to the week.

Doing the taxes got me wondering if maybe it's time to incorporate the iCaspar Web Development business. Why? 2 reasons:

First, as a sole proprietor I have to report all that stuff as income -- file schedule C and schedule SE, 15.3% of everything that comes in goes to Social Security right off the top. All that. And with the new tax laws coming into effect, rumor has it that corporations are better than people.

Second, if I get to the point where I need more help, hiring people as sole proprietor is a royal pain.

The question is whether the costs to turn it into a corporation are more than the tax savings. I'll have to ask a lawyer. That'll probably cost some money.