So Tuesday I hit the big 5-O.

For my birthday I got a set of Men's fragrance, Calvin Clein Eternity from my sister-in-law, and silk pajamas from Brooke. I spent the morning programming a website, then spent most of the afternoon standing around in the rain at a Cross Country meet. The kid beat his personal best time for the 3 mile course by nearly a minute. We went to dinner down the street at Maxfield's.

Wednesday morning I woke up with a cold. Not the worst cold I've ever had, but runny nose and scratchy throat. Then, on Thursday morning I realized I now qualify for membership in the AARP. Senior discounts, here I come! Seems like I ought to be getting a license in the mail to be crotchety now, too. Maybe wander out in my silk pajamas and yell at the kids to stay off the lawn.

My experiments with diet and exercise continue. I've lost 5½ pounds since I started this in mid-September. It hasn't felt like much of a sacrifice. Pretty much anywhere I go, there's something on the menu I like and fits into the plan. The one exception so far has been the church ladies' potato dinner Friday night. ($8 for a potato with whatever topings you like.)

This week was also the week to take the air conditioners out of the windows and store them away with the Christmas tree. I could have done it 2 or 3 weeks ago, but finally got up the gumption for it. It's safe to say at this point that temperatures in the 80s with high humidity are gone until next July. People are saying that leaves are at their peak now, though I'm not seeing much color this year. (I never see as much color as most folks, but this year I've barely noticed any at all.) I'm also stowing away shorts and T-shirts, replacing them with long sleeves.

Any day now, we'll put out the Halloween stuff on the front porch. (Or we might wait and let Grandma help with that project when she comes for a visit in a couple weeks.)